Jozani Forest

Famed for it’s rare Red Colobus Monkeys (Piliocolobus kirkii), Jozani Forest is a unique destination that should be on everyones to do list when visiting Zanzibar. You will discover when you arrive in Zanzibar that the predominant type of plants are palms, shrubs and the occasional flame tree (as you would expect from a tropical paradise!), but Jozani forest steps away from the norm with it’s towering trees, unique plants and wildlife.

It is a stroke of luck that Jozani Forest has come to flourish and owes its existence to a small trough in the coral bed which lies between the mangrove bays of Uzi and Chwaka. A high water table and seasonal flooding provides the forest with the water and nutrients it needs to survive in the harsh conditions of a coral island.Some of the highlights at Jozani Forest include:

The Mangrove Boardwalk | Nature Trail | Syke’s Monkey | Hundreds of species of butterfly | Sunbirds | Adler’s Duikier (a very rare and shy animal, so it will be an added bonus if you are lucky enough to see it)and of course, the Red Colubus Monkey.

We can arrange transfers to and from Jozani Forest, prices are charged on a per car basis and will vary depending on the pick up and drop off point (up to 6 people per car). Upon arrival you can decide to either stroll through Jozani Forest by yourself or be given a tour by one of the guides.