Nungwi Village tour

A twenty minute stroll from The Zanzibari along the beach will land you in the small fishing village of Nungwi. Here you will find the natural aquarium (home to sea turtles), a boat building yard and the fish market. You can either go by yourself or with a guide who will give you a wealth of local knowledge.

Nungwi Fish Market

The best time to visit is in the early morning when the fish market is in full swing – depending on the catch the previous night you might see Tuna, King Fish, Dorado and a variety of other large fish for sale. In the mornings local fishermen (and women) wade out to the edge of the coral reef to catch a number of different small sea creatures including squid, octopus, puffer fish and the occassional ray – their catch will be sold at the fish market throughout the day.

Nungwi Aquarium

The natural aquarium in Nungwi is home to resident sea turtiles and a variety of fish. The aquarium itself is a natural formation carved out from the coral bedrock by the erosion of millions of waves crashing against the shore.

The depth of the water rises and falls with the tides providing a natural environment for its inhabitants.

Nungwi Boat Building Yard

While watching the white sails of the Dhows go by you might wonder how these impressive boats are made. The Nungwi Boat Yard is a riveting (if you’ll pardon the pun) experience where you’ll meet the ship yard owner and learn how the ships come together; from the sourcing of the wood to the joints used and how they are launched.The best way to round off the day is to go on a sunset cruise and experience the calming sensation of sailing in a Dhow for yourself

Please note that the boat building tour is only available as part of the Nungwi Village Tour.

Please also be aware that the village is the home and workplace of the local population and we ask you to respect their privacy – it is always best to ask before taking pictures.