Stone Town tours

Steeped in history, Stone Town in Zanzibar was once the biggest business center of East Africa. In it’s earlier days it was the hub for trading ivory, spices and slaves.

Power has changed hands numerous times over the years; the Portuguese, Arabs, Sultans of Oman and English have all had their influence on this unique and fascinating town which has created an incredible mix of architecture and culture.

Stowntown is an UNESCO heritage site. During the tour you will witness a wide variety of sights, smells and sounds. Included in the tour is:

The House of Wonders |The Palace Museum | Dr Livingston’s House (who was pivotal in ending the slave trade) | The Arab Fort | Zanzibars bustling market | The house of the biggest slave trader “Tippu Tip” | The Anglican Church of Christ | The Old Slave Market | The Central Market and of course the typical carved doors of Zanzibar

It is a fascinating look into the history and culture that has shaped this island and is something that should not be missed.

The City Tour takes 2 – 3 hrs, and is also a good opportunity to hone your haggling skills when picking out souvenirs from the brightly coloured and adorned shops. We would recommend combining it with the Spice Tour to make the experience complete.