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Sunset Cruises at the Zanzibari

The Essence of Zanzibar

Whether you’re on honeymoon, with your family or by yourself, going on a sunset cruise is the perfect way to wind down the day. You’ll be driven from The Zanzibari to a beach nearby where a traditional Dhow boat will be waiting for you.

Once on board the sail will be hoisted and you’ll silently carve your way through the calm seas of the Indian Ocean – the route will take you round the tip of the island of Zanzibar and along the north coast. It’s a great chance to see what else is along the coast as well as looking at what lies beneath the waves.

You’ll be able to go snorkelling for 15 or 20 minutes while the sun prepares its daily masterpiece. If snorkeling isn’t your cup of tea, you can sit back with a cold beer or glass of champagne instead. As the sun begins to set you’ll sail back towards The Zanzibari where the fishing boats and canoes will cast a sharp silhouette against the increasingly orange sky.

If the conditions are right, you’ll see a green flash of light as the sun disappears below the horizon.Prices for this tour vary depending on the number of people going, due to the fact that we charter the boat for each cruise – speak to one of our managers while you’re here to find out more.

For more information on booking a Sunset Cruise during your stay at the Zanzibari, please do not hesitate to get in touch.