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Activities at the Zanzibari

Everyone has a different idea about what makes the perfect holiday, and at The Zanzibari we offer something for everyone. From snorkelling and scuba diving, to forest walks and cultural tours we'll find something to suit you.

Scuba Diving
Scuba diving in the Indian Ocean of Zanzibar

The closeby Mnemba Atoll is one of the best diving spots on Zanzibar. With warm waters averaging 27C (80F) and good visibility, the waters around the island are awash with colourful marine life.

Due to it’s popular location the fish are used to divers which allows you to get very close and appreciate their beauty. It is a stunning diving location for experts and beginners alike.

The surrounding waters are teaming with an overwhelming number of beautiful tropical reef fish, and a wealth of marine creatures

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Sunset Cruises
Traditional Dhow Sunset Cruise

Whether you’re on honeymoon, with your family or by yourself, going on a sunset cruise is the perfect way to wind down the day. You’ll be driven from The Zanzibari to a beach nearby where a traditional Dhow boat will be waiting for you.

Once on board the sail will be hoisted and you’ll silently carve your way through the calm seas of the Indian Ocean – the route will take you round the tip of the island of Zanzibar and along the north coast. It’s a great chance to see what else is along the coast as well as looking at what lies beneath the waves.
You’ll be able to go snorkelling for 15 or 20 minutes while the sun prepares its daily masterpiece.

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Tours, Excursions and Safaris
Nungwi Village Tours
Nungwi Village Tours

A twenty minute stroll from The Zanzibari along the beach will land you in the small fishing village of Nungwi. Here you will find the natural aquarium (home to sea turtles), a boat building yard and the fish market. You can either go by yourself or with a guide who will give you a wealth of local knowledge.

Nungwi Fish Market | Nungwi Aquarium | Nungwi Village | Nungwi Boat Building Yard

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Tides, Wind & Weather

Keeping up to date with the tide, wind and weather forecast will ensure that you only head out to sea when the conditions are right. The majority of the time the conditions are calm within the coral reef and it is usually safe to go out, but during a high tide with strong wind conditions it can get quite choppy.We have collated information from a number of websites on this page which will help familiarise you with the conditions at The Zanzibari before you arrive, and you can visit this page using our internet facilities while you are staying at the hotel. Our managers keep up to date with the forecasts so don’t hesitate to ask them if you have any questions.

Zanzibar Tide Forecast

Knowing when the tides are coming in and out is very important when you are going kayaking, snorkelling or scuba diving. Mkokotoni Harbour is the nearest port to The Zanzibari (only a few kilometres away). You can visit EasyTide for more options.

Zanzibar Wind Forecast

Keeping up to date with the wind forecast will ensure that you only head out when the conditions are right. The wind can make the difference between an exhilerating, fun experience and a dangerous one. It will effect the size of the waves, the current and which direction you will need to head out, so whether you are kayaking, wind surfing or simply going for a swim you should always check the wind conditions first. You can visit WindGuru for more information.