Paddling on crystal clear blue waters with an endless horizon in front of you and a white sandy beach behind you is something that needs to be experienced to truly appreciate the feeling it gives you.

From the beach in the front of The Zanzibari you can jump into one of our kayaks (provided free) and discover this feeling for yourself. Depending on your level of experience you can either stay close to shore or paddle out to the edge of the reef. As you move through the water you will be able to look down into the ocean below and watch fish swimming underneath your kayak and be able to see coral, sea urchins and if you’re lucky a sting ray!

Learn to Kayak

If you’re a newcomer to kayaking or just need a refresher before heading out to the ocean, we can give you lessons in our swimming pool. You’ll learn how to get in and out of the kayak (in water you can stand in and in deep water) paddle, turn, and how to right the kayak if it has capsized. We will go at a pace that you’re comfortable with – there is no rush to learn and we will only head out into the ocean when you’re at a level which will allow you to fully enjoy the experience.

You will always be accompanied by an experienced instructor who will ensure you are safe at all times. The kayaks themselves are extremely stable and the seating area is open, so if you do take a splash into the ocean, you will simply find yourself swimming (or standing depending on the depth) with the kayak close at hand to give you support.Kayaking can be enjoyed by all ages – we have taught people from the age of 8 up to 65.

It is a liberating experience to paddle out into the ocean with confidence and come back to shore with a smile on your face!


Ask us for the best times to go kayaking on the Indian Ocean – depending on your experience level there are a number of different activities you can do. We ask people to be aware that the ocean can be unpredictable and to be honest about your level of competence – if you’re not sure, we can have an assessment session in our swimming pool and then take a short paddle close to the shore.Some handy tips and points when considering kayaking:

Don’t go kayaking by yourself | Check all your equipment is working before heading out | Know your equipment | If you’re having any doubts about your ability, don’t go without talking to one of our managers first | Always let someone know that you’re going kayaking, and give an estimated time that you’ll be back | Be honest with yourself about your fitness level | Always plan ahead for coming back to shore – remember that you have to paddle back the same distance you’ve gone out and you may have to battle against winds and tides | Use sun cream | Wear sensible footwear.

Ideally you should wear a rash vest as well if you’re going out for longer than an hour – the water reflects and magnifies the sun so you will be getting twice the dose!Hydrate yourself before heading out – the sea is warm and you will be sweating without noticing.

Please be aware that all kayaking is at your own risk – you will be asked to sign an indemnity form before heading out on the ocean.

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