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The Weather and Climate on Zanzibar


One of the most notable aspects of East Africa is the warm, comfortable weather that is consistent year round. Zanzibar is located close to the equator, so the tropical climate creates an endless summer. In addition, the coastal location produces cooling sea breezes that make the climate perfectly enjoyable – make sure to bring some shoes with strong soles for walking in the ocean as there can be the occassional piece of coral and sea urchins.

The region enjoys 7-8 hours of sunshine every day so when you add the glorious waters of the Indian Ocean and beautiful beaches you can clearly see why Zanzibar is such an ideal international tourist attraction, no matter what the season. When you come over, don’t forget the factor 50 sun cream and drink plenty of water! The sun is especially strong at the equator and it is not uncommon for fair skinned people to burn within 15 minutes in the midday sun.

The Zanzibar hotels have a different look and feel than in other tourist locations, due to the consistent weather conditions. They often use tropical themes and scenery to create a lush, seaside atmosphere that is uninterrupted by seasonal changes. This kind of climate ensures more beautiful and culturally relevant accommodation for your stay, making a holiday to Zanzibar a fully enriching experience.

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Being Green


At The Zanzibari we understand the importance of protecting the environment and supporting local businesses.Our long term goal is to become completely self sufficient by utilising renewable resources and sourcing food from the local area.Our eco friendly initiatives have been detailed below:

Solar & Wind Power on Zanzibar

The great thing about Zanzibar is year round sunshine and we have started to take advantage of this by installing solar water heaters in the hotel – so when you’re having a refreshing shower at night, you can relax in the knowledge that your hot water was provided without damaging the environment.

We are planning to add solar panels in the coming months to provide electricity and help reduce our impact on the environment even further.During the windy season there is a constant (and refreshing) wind blowing fresh air inland from the Indian Ocean which provides the perfect opportunity for installing our own wind turbines to top up the power generated from the solar panels.

Once wind and solar are combined we will be able to power the majority of our electrical appliance and lights without the need for tapping into the national grid. It also means that if Zanzibar has a power outage, we can ensure your stay at The Zanzibari is not interrupted.

Well, Desalinator and Saving Water

Once you have started to absorb all the wonderful sights, smells and sounds of Zanzibar you might start to notice the smaller details, such as trucks transporting water around the island. A large portion of Zanzibar relies on water being driven in to fill containers as pipelines haven’t been installed in the more remote regions.

To keep our environmental impact as small as possible we have dug a well and will be installing a desalinator to provide ample water to the hotel. You will enjoy using this chemical free water when showering, washing your hands and swimming in our infinity pool, although we would advise drinking bottled water as trace amounts of salt remain in the water after the desalination process.

Water is a precious commodity on Zanzibar and it’s important that we don’t waste it – all of the water from the showers and sinks is stored in a 10,000 litre drum and is used to water the garden. In addition, we collect rain water run off in in the same drum to make our water credentials even greener.

Freshly grown Fruit, Veg and Herbs

Zanzibar is renowned for being a Spice Island, but it also has a wide variety of seasonal fruits – from mangos, bananas and pineapples to paupau’s and coconuts. While staying at the Zanzibari you will get to taste the delicious fruits which will have been picked the same day, and unlike fruit you may buy in the supermarkets back home, there are no chemicals or preservatives used to keep the fruit looking fresh – because of this you will rediscover the mouth watering taste of fruit as it should be!

To keep our ecological impact neutral (or positive in this case), we have been planting fruit trees throughout the property – they are still in their infancy but are growing quickly and some have started to produce fruit which we use in our food.

While our fruit trees are reaching maturity we are buying fresh fruit from local vendors, ensuring that we are supporting the community and keeping pollution caused by transportation to a minimum.

Locally sourced produce on Zanzibar

Fish is part of the staple diet for the indigenous people of Zanzibar and provides a sustainable income to local fishermen (and women).

While relaxing in the mornings on a sun lounger at The Zanzibari you will see the fishermen walking out towards the edge of the coral reef during low tide to catch a wide variety of sea food including octopus, red snapper, dorego and king fish.

At sunset you will see the white sales of fishing Dhows heading out into the Indian Ocean to catch Tuna, Mackerel and other larger fish.All the fish and sea food that is served at The Zanzibari is bought at the local fish market and will have been caught the same day – it doesn’t get much fresher than that!

The combination of fresh fish, Zanzibar spices and our experienced chef results in an explosion of flavour which will delight your senses.

Flora and Fauna of Zanzibar

In addition to planting fruit trees and herbs, we have planted indigenous trees, shrubs and bushes to provide a habitat for the local wildlife. Over time these plants will grow into a miniature forest providing you with ample amounts of shade to escape the midday sun and also encourage local bird species to flourish. Lilac Breasted Rollers are a regular sight at The Zanzibari as well as a number of different species of Sun Birds and butterflies.

The flowers that bloom on the indiginous plants are spectacular and provide a scent which sometimes flows through the hotel – combined with the fresh air from the ocean it makes for an experience in it’s own right. We use the leaves and flowers to decorate the rooms and to provide a centrepiece for the candlelit tables during your evening meal.

The owner of The Zanzibari views planting gardens as a way to leave something positive behind for future generations to appreciate and enjoy. Planting Baobab trees encapsulates this vision as they can live for thousands of years, so hopefully countless generations will enjoy their presence!

Supporting the community

As a hotel moving into an established community it is important that we respect the local culture and try and support it whenever possible. We purchase food and supplies from individuals and local businesses in the local area and employ over twenty staff from the surrounding area.

In addition, we encourage our guests to visit the local village to learn more about a unique way of life. Tourism brings in a new source of income for the local population which allows them to diversify and learn new skills which can help in their day to day life.